Eshkesh Safari

Safari Checklist

GENERAL STUFFGuns identified at US Customs for re-entryLuggage weight is 70lb limit per bag. (Check w/airline)Pack ammunition in ammo casesPack ammo in duffel bag (can’t be packed w/guns)Gun case for shippingRecord gun serial numbers along with a copy of your passport – carry in pocketLimitation ammo 5 kg/person (11 lbs)Finalise safari balance Extra costs 60days before leaving (Return to top)DOCUMENTATION & CURRENCYCopies of CITES PermitsImmunisation CardPassportTickets & ReservationsTravellers  ChecksUS Customs Gun Re-entry DocumentationUS Dollars (tipping)Visa-Send passports to Tanzania High Commission Return to top) SHOOTING EQUIPMENTAmmo-300 (140 Barnes ‘X’ or 140 Nozzler Partition)Ammo-375 (100 Barnes “X” 40 solids)Ammo -416(60-Barnes ‘X’ 40 solids)Ammo Holder (for belt) 1/caliber for each personAmmunition – 12 gauge #6′ 10 boxesComplete Gun Cleaning kit with gun oil and 4×2 padsRifles-per client (1x300H&H,1×375,1×416)Shotgun 12 gaugeGun cases – softScope zeissSmall Duffle bag or backpack while hunting for Ammo-Binos in the field etc.Targets for Sighting in(Return to top)CLOTHINGBelt-(one for ammo)Cap-Broad bill hat for girlsGloves/scarfJacket (warm-fleece) & scarfJacket-BushJacket Shu-BugHand Kerchiefs – 4 to 5 each for girls(bandana)Pajama’sPants 3 khaki longPants 3 khaki shortShirts 2 khaki long sleeveShirts 2 khaki shorts sleeveSocks – 4 pairT-shirts – Green/brownTop Sides or sandals for campUnder shorts (brief/boxer)Walking shoesWindbreaker/Jogging suit (Return to top)MEDICINEA&D Ointment-ChaffingAntacidsAntibioticsAntihistamineBand aides/PeroxideBenadril type spray or gelChapstickEye dropsAnti-malariaLomotil/ImodiumSting StickSunscreenTylenol/Advil (Return to top) MISCELLANEOUSBatteries:for cameras,flashlights etc.Books paperbackBinoculars, large & small – each person should have ownCamera lens cleaning paraphernaliaCamera- stillCamera-videoChampagneCompassDuct tapeEye glasses: clear,reading,dark(spares):neck cordsFilm-lots of it (X-ray bags) -100/200/400 1000Fishing Tackle if applicableFlashlight-largeFlashlight-smallFlaskGifts for camp helpGPSGranola bars,snacksInsect RepellentKnife small: Swiss Army or LeathermanSleep Pillow: eye blinders; ear plugsSmall Steel Measuring TapeSmall tape recorderSweets-hard candy; ChocolateTweezers, needle, scalpel for splintersWalkman’s(Return to top)