Eshkesh Safari

Custodians of the finest masailand block in Tanzania and creators of fine safari experiences.

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About Us

Eshkesh Safari Ltd

Eshkesh Safari Ltd is a Tanzanian privately owned safari company specializing in big game hunting safaris.

Our headquarters are situated in Arusha, Tanzania.


Tanzania is a country in East Africa with an area of 943,400 square kilometers, known for its rich wildlife and habitats. It’s home to Big game species such as African elephants, lions, and caped buffalos, as well as a diverse array of plains game animals including eland, Grant gazelle, Thomson gazelle, Coke and Lichtenstein hartebeest, greater and lesser kudu, oribi, oryx, puku, several types of reedbucks, sable, roan, sitatunga, topi, suni, waterbuck, zebra, and white-bearded and Nyasa wildebeest. The vast and diverse landscapes of this East African nation have drawn hunters from around the world seeking the thrill of tracking and taking down some of the planet’s most iconic wildlife species. 

Hunting in tanzania is highly regulated, with specific hunting seasons to ensure sustainability.

Eshkesh Safari L.T.D

We provide the finest quality Big Game Hunting, Wing shooting and Safaris in Tanzania. Our safaris are conducted in traditional fashion with luxury-tented camps, highly skilled Professional Hunters, trackers, skinners, waiters, and bush chefs.


Our Camps

We have 8 fully furnished tents with 24 hour hot running showers, two dinning messes and one modern kitchen which caters a wide variety of international cuisine.

Camp is staffed with highly trained Drivers, Skinners, Trackers, Gun bearers, Cooks, Mess waiters, Tent Attendants and Security Guards.

Our camps are solar powered with one standby generator available 24 hours with 240volts outlets in tents for charging batteries, cell phones etc.

Eshkesh safaris Naibormut camp

Trophy Gallery

Tanzania Hunting Season

The Tanzanian hunting season is from 1st July through 31st December.

The rainy monsoon season is April/May, while the short rains usually fall between November and December.

Masailand can be very cold at night, especially during June, July and August.


Hunting Areas & Game Concession

Eshkesh Safari Ltd has the exclusive right to the finest game concession in Northern Tanzania: Masailand (Masai East Open Area). The area is easily reached from Arusha City in about 25 minutes by light aircraft, and about 2 and a half hours drive via the almost all weather road to Engasumet of Simanjiro District and Kibaya of Kiteto District.

Hunting Areas

Game & Hunting Area

In addition to 28 species of game and birds available for hunting, the Eshkesh Hunting Concession area is noted for very large leopard, excellent Cape Buffalo, and all the Masaai species – including Gerenuk, red duiker, mountain reedbuck, bushbuck, and suni(pigmy antelope). 

Record class trophies have been taken from this concession. The area is renown for the outstanding variety, quality, and quantity of trophies offered from the Masaai land.