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We are a privately, Tanzanian, owned safari company specializing in big game hunting and photographic safaris. Our headquarters is situated in Arusha Tanzania. Arusha is where your traditional East African safari will begin and end. The name “Eshkesh” is the name of a small village in Northen Tanzania. This is where our company had its first hunting concession. The name ‘’Eshkesh’’ is a Datoga name and means “white foot”. It so happens that the soil in that area is volcanic ash from many years ago and is grey/white in color and the dust that forms is very white. When you walk through this dust your feet becomes white, hence the name “white foot”. The hunter/gatherers are a nomadic tribe of the Datooga peole based in the northern volcanic highlands near Mount Hanang in Manyara Region, Tanzania. The Datooga, known as the Mang’ati in Swahili, are a pastoralist Nilotic people of Manyara Region, Tanzania. In 2000 the Datoga population was estimated to number 87,978 there are seven Datooga tribes:
  • Bajuta
  • Gisamjanga (Kisamajeng, Gisamjang)
  • Barabayiiga (Barabaig, Barabayga, Barabaik, Barbaig)
  • Tsimajeega (Isimijeega)
  • Rootigaanga (Rotigenga, Rotigeenga)
  • Buraadiiga (Buradiga, Bureadiga)
  • Bianjiida (Biyanjiida, Utatu)
The dialects of the Datooga language are often divergent enough to make comprehension difficult, though Barabayiiga and Gisamjanga are very close.